El Dia Del Mustache IV { 98 images } Created 26 Mar 2006

El Dia Del Mustache IV: (from the El Dia Del Mustache website) El Dia is many things to many people. To some it's a joke. A lighthearted way to laugh about the way they look. To some it's an escape. A brief moment of time where one says bluntly to their loved one's, "I'm going out, getting drunk, sporting the sweetest stache you ever saw, and there's nothing you can do to stop me!" To many its a movement. A social revolution of sorts. Its a throwback to the days when men were men and women didn't complain that a little bit of hair "hurts their lips". A time before metrosexuals ruled when the only 'products' a man needed were Jergen's and porn. But most of all... it's a booze fueled celebration of God's finest gift to manhood...The Mustache!
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